See the World Differently

About me

Hi! I am Lucy Richards.

Having attained two RPS endorsed OU photography qualifications in 2021, I am enjoying putting my new found skills into practice. I try to use my photography to portray normal everyday subjects and situations with a different viewpoint. I want to show what we could be missing if we don’t take a moment to look around and take in our surroundings. It’s surprising what we don’t notice in our daily lives.

I’m based in Dorset on the South Coast of the UK so many of my images are taken beachside or harbourside at popular destinations or at sites that are tucked away in our beautiful countryside. Otherwise I just try to capture anything interesting, something that tells a story or maybe just something a bit out of the ordinary. My black labrador often accompanies me so he may feature from time to time – if I can get him to sit still for long enough!

I hope that you enjoy browsing my photos as much as I enjoy creating them.